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Charter for

A new Financial System
Our Impact
Empowering positive disrupters in the financial system
for people and planet
The Finance Innovation Lab is an accelerator for positive change in the financial system.
Our Strategy

A Systemic Approach


Alternative business models

We support entrepreneurs creating alternative business models in finance.



A financial reform

We work with civil society leaders calling for change



Mainstream finance

We help ‘entrepreneurs’ who are repurposing their professions


Who we work with

Transforming Finance

Bringing together the voices of change from across the financial system this film, sponsored by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, is the culmination of two years of collaborative research with 100's of finance professionals, policymakers, academics and advocacy groups to identify the most promising policy interventions to reform the system, effective incentives to encourage mainstream finance to act more responsibly and new innovative business models.

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